Company Information

  • Publicly Listed Company on Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange (8067)
  • ISO-9001 Approved
  • Founded: 3/24/1989
  • Capital Volume: 15 Million USD
  • Branches: Taichung, Kaoshiung, Japan

Information is accurate as of 1/20/2017

Gish is a publicly listed company in Taiwan. Our HQ is in Taipei, with branch locations in Taichung, Kaohsiung and overseas in Tokyo, Japan. We are categorized as a 1-stop distribution company that specializes in building power brands & dominating markets.


Our Mission

Gish has a wide distribution network throughout Southeast Asia, primarily concentrated in Taiwan and Japan. We have over 20 years of distribution experience and are able to put products into the most exclusive channels.  We are always open to discussion for partnership with A-list brand owners who are seeking to penetrate and dominate markets with us.

Let Gish take your brand to the next level !
— Gary Chen, Founder & President